Flour Tortilla Wraps

Mission Foods Flour Tortilla Wraps are a great way to wrap your favourite filling, either hot or cold, or to make a tasty and delicious wrap.

Available in a range of sizes, flavours and nutritional variants, Mission Foods Wraps are the easiest way to turn your favourite filling into the perfect wrap!

Ideal For:

- Restaurants/Cafés/Take Away
- Fast Food Outlets
- Hotels/Catering
- Sporting Arenas
- Schools

Features & Benefits


Handling Guide

- Superior range.
- International appeal through multiple cuisine applications.
- Healthy and nutritional variants available, such as low fat and Multigrain.
- Versatile: suitable for various cuisines such as Mexican, Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Turkish and also Breakfast or Desserts.
- Convenient bread substitute: portable and lighter. Great for snack wraps.
- Flexible and won’t crack: perfect for wraps.
- Pliable and won’t split when you fill and roll.
- Halal Certification (see list).


- Frozen product:
        12 months shelf life at below -5°C.
- Thaw out time: 6 to 8 hours or overnight.
- Deal handling temperature: room/ambient temperature.
- After thawing for optimum handling ease: microwave packet for up to 30 seconds (Microwave times may vary depending on wattage).

For the Foodservice industry, the Mission Foods Foodservice web site features many ways to help you with your craft.   We offer new ideas for menu offerings.


How to Wrap a Wrap:   Our quick guide will educate you on the fine art of making a wrap